O'an-Kai Keeto

A Freshman Padwan Human


Name: O’an-Kai Keeto
Species: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 2.01 m
Weight: 102 kg
Destiny: Protector
Class: Jedi 1

keeto.jpg14 STR
16 DEX
14 CON
16 INT
16 WIS
16 CHA

HP: 32

14 Fort
15 Ref
15 Will

Skills: Acrobatics 8, Climb 7, Endurance 7, Initiative 8, Jump 7, Use the Force 13
Talents: Deflect
Feats: Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (simple), Skill Focus (Use the Force), Weapon Focus (lightsabers),
Force Powers:
Force Techniques:


“Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.”
-Original Jedi Code

“Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule.
Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead.
Loyalty is life, for without one’s clan one has no purpose.
Death is life, one should die as they have lived.”
-The Canons of Honor

O’an-Kai was born Kor Keeto on the planet of Mandalore, during a time of expansion among his people as they prepared to launch the great Mandalorian Wars against the Republic and the Jedi.

Raised on the precepts of honor and the warrior’s way, Kor strived not only to become a great warrior for his Father’s sake, but to protect his people as all good Mandalorians should.

mandalore_the_ultimate_by_wraithdt-d4v2gg5.jpgHowever, before the war kicked off, his parents had a change of heart and collecting up their clan they relocated from Mandalore to an uncolonized world on Thrasybule sector where the clan started a home for themselves. It was a move the earned the young Kor’s resentment, seeing his father as weak in the looming shadow of glorious war.

It would be many years before Kor’s father would confide in him the worries about the roots of the war, and how his choice to flee Mandalore was to protect his clan, as all Mandalorians should. He worried that a senseless war against the republic would not sharpen the knife of the Mandalorians, but would blunt them beyond repair.

So the Clan lived quietly during the onset of the war against the Republic, until a Republic advanced recon team landed on their planet and discovered the Clan’s existence. The intial orders were for the Clan to be eliminated, but orders came down from Revan himself that the Clan was to be spared, dispatching several Jedi Negotiators to speak with the elders of the Clan.

It was through these Jedi that Kor’s Force sensitivity would be discovered.

Kor, now an adult in his own right, refused to join with the Jedi, but his father gave wise counsel to his son. He urged him to align with the Jedi, to learn what these great warriors had to offer, he spoke of untamed powers and the dangers thereof, and wasted potential.

So Kor was taken one of the ships that Revan had assigned to be a roving Jedi Academy andJedi_Revan.jpg there the young Mandalore was taught the ways of the Force by the masters that had aligned with Revan, and there he changed his name to O’an-Kai to symbolize his transition into the Jedi Culture.

The events of Malachor V however, left O’an-Kai conflicted with the means by which Revan fought, and the fledgling Jedi fled the warfront and while conflicted decided to proceed to Dantooine and the Jedi Enclave there to seek help.

O'an-Kai Keeto

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